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About Me

As an Engineer, I consider my work is, in plain words, to improve the world. As this planet is a big place and there are plenty of things to improve, I decided to specialize myself in the field I love: Aeronautics.

Earth from DSCOVR -
Earth from DSCOVR –


Multipurpose Light-weight Plane Simulator

This page is dedicated to the flight simulator I developed for my Degree Final Proyect in the Politechnic University of Madrid. The simulator was a complete flight simulator focused on light reciprocating engine airplanes, with ground interaction and 3d environment representation. For plane characterization and testing, I calculated all the aerodynamics, masic and engine paremeters of the MQ-1B Preadtor UAV.

To determine such parameteres I used the “Airplane Design” publications by Jan Roskam most of the times, referring to manufacturer data when possible. Besides determining the airframe characterization,  I implemented a C++ software capable of fullfill the project requirements while allowing to load any other plane model and modify it in real time.

To develop the software I used the following libraries:

  • For the graphic interface I used Qt, making the application cross-plattform.
  • The 3D environment used OSGEarth and OpenSceneGraph.
  • The joystick/pad is handled through SDL 1.2

Before publishing the code in Github, I have removed some non essential parts of the visualization. The trimmed code can be accessed here.

And ¿What for? Out there you have JSBSim and other flight engines (I encourage you to use them if you need a flight simulation engine), but to surpase them was never the objetived of this project. I will release the code for the open source software sake, and to (hopefully) help someone to do somethign similar.